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Ultimately, the Mito’s dynamics are hampered by the standard-fit DNA system which cycles through three drive modes, altering the steering feel and engine outputs.
It is also an adequate performer – in respect of performance, economy and performance – as long as the rev counter doesn’t stretch to the extremities of the rev range.
Maybe Mito kept the marketing men happy, but Junior would have nicely defined what the Mito is about and what Alfa hopes it will achieve.
It seems unlikely that any further updates will arrive , though, with Alfa choosing to concentrate on the Giulia saloon and Stelvio SUVs instead .
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Is the German limousine still a byword for luxury?
Those who prefer petrol have three choices: a 105bhp, 0.9-litre TwinAir two-cylinder, or three variants of the same 1.4 – one producing 78bhp, another 140bhp and another, reserved for the sporty Quadrifoglio Verde, that develops 170bhp.
Like many Alfa Romeos before it, the Mito has the power to tempt you with its good looks and tempting finance offers.

alpha romeo mito, nos experts vous explique la meilleure technique

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The Carpathian Mountains.
The Mito is Alfa Romeo’s first true supermini since the Alfasud, its 33, 145 and 147 models having been aimed at the larger family hatch market.
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Coupled with an over-firm ride and vague steering, the Mito fails to match the fun demeanour of the Mini.
Discover the Alfa MiTo’s urban style and strong personality.
Is this actually a good thing?
Has Audi’s latest exec challenger raised its game as a sporting choice or all…
And it would have satisfied the Alfisti, the legion of Alfa fans which the firm holds dear.
An Audi A1 has a much nicer cabin, a Ford Fiesta is much better to drive and a Mini is – ironically – more spacious.