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An earlier version of this story said it was Italian.
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Natural Habitat: An avant-garde gallery opening in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.
Distinguishing Details: A wide, V-shaped collar-opening that eschews buttons—ideal for guys keen to work on that neckline tan but not ideal for anyone self-conscious about exposing chest hair.
The narrow sleeves are tightly cuffed for full macho-man effect when you flex.
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Though short and straight, its sleeves are cuffless and will hang freely just off the upper arm.
Fit 411: Loose enough to wear on the court, yet tailored enough to make an appearance in the clubhouse.
Brown pointed out that modern versions are just as at home underneath a blazer as they are paired with a sweatband.
Fit 411: Slim-straight with high armholes, which creates a sleeker shape around the shoulders.

Comparatif polo adidas, la meilleure facon de vous fair plaisir

Also known as golf shirts, men’s polos are instantly recognizable due to their style.
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Bicep-centric? Quite, given the aforementioned fit.
Los Angeles Is a Fashion Wasteland.
Fit 411: Trim, trim, trim.
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The sleeves are cut high, but they’re uncuffed, giving your muscles a bit more room to breathe.
Bicep-centric? Somewhat.