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I never received my order (R6737546).
Well, if it is, then the quality of Woolovers products is abysmal.
Good fit lovely colour, but pilling after only 3 days.
Very very sad.. I was introduced to this company by a friend 5years ago, and found them to be excellent, couldn’t sing their praises more..
I contacted Woolovers about this and they told me that their specialist had looked at the photo, which I had supplied, and it is all « general wear and tear ».
It’s going back, but am really disappointed with the service I received as I will now incur postage both ways because of very poor photos and description.
We’ve bought Nordic Fair Isle jumpers and scarves in the past for ourselves and to give as presents, and we came back recently to buy another lot, but to our disappointment, we discovered that the larger range offered before is no longer available.
The products are now not fit for purpose.
I contacted woolovers who said that it was a loose fitting cardigan and was meant to do this and it was not faulty and referred me to the photos.
I pointed out that the photos did not show this but a flat fronted cardigan.

woolovers, nos experts vous explique la meilleure technique

Got one e-mail in response, said they would escalate it.
Yes, highly recommend them, will certainly continue buying from them.
Frankly they were pretty hopeless I had another email from DPD that said they were delivering to the shop and if it wasn’t picked up from there it would be returned.
Very disappointed!
I took two jumpers up to the counter this morning to pay, only for the shop assistant to follow the previous customer out to her car to look at her dogs, leaving me alone in the store !
I was totally flabbergasted by her appalling behaviour, she just totally ignored me as if I was invisible.
Carpets, wooden floors on my sofas, cushions on my underwear, I truly leave a trail of bright pink fluff balls whenever I where ever move..
Decided to treat myself…
I chose this option and this was confirmed by email and text.
They have offered free returns labels which means that it is me who will need to go to the post office, not them arranging a pick-up from my place.